The Backup Boyfriend by River James

I had fun reading The Backup Boyfriend.


Review & Giveaway: The Pack or the Panther by Tara Lain {Blog Tour}

I liked The Pack or the Panther well enough. It had some issues, but I can definitely say that it was freaking addicting.

Silent by Sara Alva

It took me ages (AGES) to figure out exactly what I wanted to say about this. I’m still not sure I got it all out clearly. Personally, I blame all the feelz.

Bump in the Night

I did not like this. I did like this. I am so conflicted about this book.

Ethan in Gold by Amy Lane

I am going to make this quick on account of the fact that I’m kind of “meh” about the whole book.

Pretty Poison by Kari Gregg

So, I wasn’t going to review this. I bought it as a quick, fun and hot read. It was definitely that. But the thing is, hours later I’m still thinking about it.