Behind the Curtain by Amy Lane

Behind the Curtain was an incredible read. I found it superbly entertaining.


Ethan in Gold by Amy Lane

I am going to make this quick on account of the fact that I’m kind of “meh” about the whole book.

A Solid Core of Alpha by Amy Lane

This was amazing. So close to perfection. Probably my favorite book of the year. Just wow. WOW.

Truth in the Dark by Amy Lane

Damn. Amy Lane punches me right in the emotions EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Racing for the Sun by Amy Lane

It’s official. Amy Lane gives good book. She draws me in every single time. This one left me feeling like I’d experienced every emotion under the sun. It was emotionally exhausting yet satisfying. By the end I felt completely wrung out.

Bolt-Hole by Amy Lane

I found Bolt-Hole to be a surprisingly sweet story that tackles some very serious issues. Colby and Terrell had to deal with some heavy stuff but they still managed to be adorable together. This one left my heart feeling all warm and fuzzy.